Dancing Around Jericho` Walls

Kenneth W. Clifton

Every reader can connect to the themes of this book. In Dancing Around Jerichos Walls, I present three phases we face, when we deal with a crisis. First, there is Sunset, when hope is lost. Then, there is The Darkest Hour, when our senses see the darkness but our faith knows light is coming. Finally, there is Sunrise. In this book, I study each phase through the eyes of 10 Bible examples, such as Moses facing Pharaoh, Joshua facing Jericho, Jonah facing the whale, the hungry facing Christ, the apostles facing threats to their lives, and more. In each phase, you will feel their struggle and identify with their conflict, as you step with them toward Sunrise. Included is also MANY quotes from Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Hellen Keller, J. P. Morgan, Charles Schwab, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and John F Kennedy.