Forbidden Powers : Love is Torture

Devina Bucktwar

Angelica Brown is in her final year of school. Timothy, a fellow pupil, approaches her and begs her to save his life because someone thinks he is she, and they are trying to kill him. She doesnt believe him, but she still tries to help him. But she is too late, and he commits suicide. Michael, another fellow pupil then informs her that she has super powers. As she starts learning to manipulate those powers, Angelica stabilizes the energy that she has to strengthen those powers. Angelicas brother also reveals that he can see the future. Her friends are part of a group called the six eagles. The six eagles then become targeted one by one, and Brian, Michael, and Angelica try to solve the puzzle of who is trying to kill Angelica and her friends. Her life is turned upside down when people close to her start to die and push the blame onto her. As this dark cloud of danger descends on her town, Angelica has to bring those powers to the fore to save her town, her family, and her friends from destruction.