Amanda Berry,Joanna Sims

His Small-Town Sweetheart - Amanda BerryTwenty years ago, Nicole Baxter left the only home she knew-and the boy who shared all her secrets. Now, with nowhere else to go, shes back in Tawnee Valley to figure out her next move-and cry on her old friend Sam Wards shoulder. Except the gentle dreamer has become a brooding loner whos gearing up to sell the place he loves most. When Nikki moved away, Sam lost the best friend he ever had. The beautiful, elegant woman who comes home is a world away from the tomboy with pigtails and skinned knees. And hes no longer the dreamy kid who believes in happy endings. Until Nikki starts to convince him they share the same dream: A future together right here in their own backyard...Marry Me, MacKenzie! - Joanna SimsFor a decade, Mackenzie Brand had kept her daughters paternity a secret. Then she unexpectedly ran into Dylan Axel, and the single mum knew there was no more hiding. Hopes greatest wish was to meet her father. And when Dylan got a look at the beautiful ten-year-old he simply knew she was his. But he didnt know everything... With Hope battling a terrible illness, Mackenzie needed all the support she could get. Dylan vowed to be there for them both and promised Mackenzie she could lean on him. But she was no longer the bookish girl enamoured of the dashing boy next door. Giving herself to Dylan this time meant going all in. This was their second chance. Was she brave enough to take it?