Hiking Virginia Trails Journal

Tom Alyea

Virginia has some of the best hiking trails in the entire United States. This hiking journal allows you to record all those special trails and experiences you had while getting back to nature. Hiking is a great way to get back in touch with a slower pace of life. The experiences while performing these activities are endless. Writing in a journal makes them timeless. This journal has plenty of space to: -record the location, date, time and distance of your hikes -note the type of hike (light, moderate, strenuous) -record the weather conditions -write down companions that joined you along the way -add details about the route you took You will find by using this journal that you have a very powerful reminder of your hiking journey. And, there are pages of motivating quotes to keep you inspired. One final thought is that you should write in your journal while you are on the trail. Dont leave it up to, I will remember that when I get home. Chances are you wont remember.