I`m Not Defective : The Story of Josh

Neal Wooten

Tina Lythgoe has always rescued animals, but on January 20th, 2014, she got a phone call that would change her life forever. A tiny puppy named Josh was about to be euthanized. Someone had dropped him off to be destroyed due to several physical oddities including a cleft palate. Tina took Josh in as a foster, but after several days when it appeared he would survive, she knew she had failed. There was no way she could provide just a foster home. She was in love. Josh never knew he was different. He became Tinas partner at the rescue, overseeing the variety of rescued animals. When Josh began getting lots of emails, Tina knew he was special. She created a Facebook page and he quickly became an inspiration to people all around the world. Joshs story is unique, but a story as old as time. You cannot judge someone by physical appearance its whats on the inside that counts.