Is Fluoride Killing You, Too?

Bette Dowdell

When Bette Dowdell moved to a city that fluoridated the water, she had no idea she had just drawn a target on her back. Well, actually she targeted her endocrine system--thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, thymus, bones, etc., etc., etc--the foundation for good health. For instance, fluoride whacks the thyroid hard, eliminating any chance of getting through the day with energy and style. While a brain full of oatmeal, a semi-bald head and fatigue-like-cant-believe are bad enough, how about a digestive system that doesnt work, skin that ages before your very eyes, and muscles that simply fade away. Is Fluoride Killing You, Too tells you what Bette uncovered in her research that got her out of the ditch. Itll do the same for you, too.