Prime Detectives in English Literature : The Importance of the Development of SerialCharacters - Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot

Cecilia Simonics Turai

There have been many successful series in English literature the detective stories of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot are among the most popular ones. Their secret depends partly on the main character. Does it mean that the protagonist of a successful series should never change? Is it true in the case of Holmes and Poirot? What is the importance of their stationary character, or, on the contrary, that of their transformation? This work aims at answering these questions in three main chapters. In the first one, it is examined whether the two detectives changed throughout their stories. The second chapter is about the possible reasons for the changes or the lack of changes in the two serial protagonists. Finally, the third chapter contains the answer to the main question about the importance of changing or keeping the serial main character in its original form. Reading this book may help those interested in these detectives or in the development of literary series have a clearer picture of how and why serial characters may change, as well as of the complex influence of these changes on the reading public, on the author, and on the literary work.