The Drinking Man` Guide to Women (and Divorce)

Patrick O`Cahir

Question: How can a sober, intelligent, sane man understand women? Answer: He cant. So, lock the door, draw the curtains, lean back, relax and reach for a beer, or a shot, or two. Enjoy yourself as Cahir exposes the blueprint of the female psyche and why they do what they do the way they do when they do. And that includes divorcing the best man around - you. You will learn a lot as you read this work, that is, if you can stay somewhat sober - or at least enough to see the words - and stop laughing long enough to realize that the Drinking Man may well have stumbled across Truth. And the Truth will ..... you know. (Thats where the divorce comes in) Ladies, read at your own peril, but please: no death threats. (And no bra-burning) Be cool. You may discover a few things about yourself. Or about your man. After all, there is a reason why men and women are different, and Cahir details the differences with a multitude of humorous insights as well as a huge amount of real-world wit and wisdom. Enjoy. Have a brew. Man up.