The Freedom of Jenny

Julie Burtinshaw

Jenny Estes shares her father?s dream of freedom. But for Jenny ? born into slavery in Missouri in the 1840s ? freedom seems an impossible dream. She toils alongside her mother in the steaming kitchen of the Leopold plantation, trying her best to be humble and obedient so that Mrs. Leopold won?t sell her to a slave-trader. But when shes not drying dishes or mixing biscuits, Jenny finds time to practice her reading, a skill that ultimately helps the family plan their migration and realize their dream. The Estess face a formidable journey: a grueling passage from Missouri to Saltspring Island, Canada. Along the way, Jenny?s family faces scarlet fever, racial persecution, the arduous Oregon Trail, warring native Haidas, and finally, the challenges of homesteading. Jenny?s spirit and fortitude in the face of many adversities make her a heroine all young readers can look up to. Based on a true story, this tale is a gripping account of one young girls coming-of-age in troubling and unsettling times.